Office of Prof. M. Shackleton

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AJJ is a Society open to anthropological research on Japan, especially to researchers living in Japan. Annual meetings are held every fall, and in spring we conduct workshops. Important activities may be organized in conjunction with the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology (JASCA) and the Folklore Society of Japan.

Since its inception in 1998, English has been the language of convention, however, AJJ encourages the use of other languages including Japanese. Currently, recommendation of a member is not necessary to become a member, there are no membership fees. Contact is maintained via the website and and e-mail.

In this way we are a scholarly network. Please feel free to join us.

Also, please consider me as Secretariat.

Office of Prof. M. Shackleton

Osaka Gakuin University

2-36-1 Kishibe Minami, Suita-shi, Osaka Prefecture  564-8511


Executive Committee:

President Emeritus: Harumi Befu

Past Presidents: Hirochika Nakamaki, Noriya Sumihara

President: Michael Shackleton

Vice Presidents: Greg Poole and John Mock

Web: Debra Occhi

Web Support – Newsletter: Atsushi Sumi 

Domestic/JASCA Liaison: Etsuko Kato

International Liaison: Bruce White

Other EC members: Kyle Cleveland, Robert Croker, Jerry Eades, Sachiko Horiguchi, John McCreery, Mary Reisel, James Roberson, Tomiyuki Uesugi, Beverley Yamamoto, Ichiro Numazaki, Andrea de Antoni, Emma Cook, David Uva

External Advisors JAWS: Lola Martinez JASCA: Junji Koizumi AAA: Laura Miller

Anthropology of Japan in Japan

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About AJJ

AJJ aims at providing a multilingual forum for anthropologists and other like-minded social scientists whose work focuses on Japan. Our hope is to serve as a focal point for those living in, working on and/or traveling to Japan, whose original research and work in progress can be shared in a small and intimate setting with those of similar background and interests.

Links to other Japan anthropology organizations

JAWS http://www.japananthropologyworkshop.org/

JASCA http://wwwsoc.nii.ac.jp/jasca/news/jasca-net.html

EAAA http://www.aaanet.org/seaa/index.html